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About Us

We are a new media production company based in Bucharest, Romania, comprised of young, like minded individuals,in the search for bringing a new and fresh approach to your projects.

We focus on feature films,commercials and documentaries,not to mention the new technologies such as Virtual Reality& Augmented Reality.We strive to deliver nothing but the best quality, by focusing all our effort on extensive research, creative solutions and new technologies, all tailored to each specific project. Our point of view is that communication is key,so why not give us a holler so we can show you what we’re talking about?

We are in this line of business out of passion for the art of film making. Your project is the idea and the set is a blank canvas. We aim to put our international experience to creative use so that we may bring together the people and tools needed to produce something truly unique and spectacular.

The journey is what gives meaning to the destination. We pride ourselves with our problem-solving abilities and professionalism that transforms your journey into an enjoyable and memorable experience which emphasizes the production value we provide.