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We provide the key management during the daily operations of a feature film, advertisement film, television film, or an episode of a TV program, but also the human resources and handling of any problems that come up during production. During pre-production our responsibilities include supervising the assembly of
the shooting company, recruitment of key personnel and services, and production organization for how to shoot the script and transform it into a movie. We monitor the budget in the lead up to picture. Film production generally follows a rigorous schedule so we make sure to facilitate all casting, location scouting, set building and decorating, offifices and stages, wardrobe, props, stunts, physical and visual effects, camera, lighting, rigging, transportation, cast, crew and union relations, travel, cast and crew accommodation, contracting of legal permissions and agreements, safety and risk management, prep and shooting schedule. In short, we oversee the joint planning, negotiation, implementation and accounting of the production.

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